Southwest Louisiana Regional Planning Development Commission
Southwest Louisiana
Regional Planning Commission

Special Projects

SWLA has identified the following special projects to address regional needs:

Member Services

These specialized services are designed to improve and support our regional community.

1-10 Calcasieu River Bridge

Collaborating on the I-10 Calcasieu River Bridge project with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and community members and organizations on behalf of the Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Comprehensive Planning

Working with commission members to develop comprehensive plans for each entity.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies

Undertaking a collaborative effort to engage public and private sector representatives in economic development planning that promotes regional coordination and expanded economic activity.

Regional Watershed Planning

Mapping and analyzing watershed and developing regional projects to address watershed concerns.

Regional Bikeway and Pedestrian Planning

Developing a coordinated plan to promote transportation by non-motorized users.

Pilot Overlay Invitation

The Commission is proposing a pilot southwest Louisiana regional community public roads asphalt overlay project. We have invited all public entities in the southwest planning area to submit a list of roads to be improved by this effort.