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Water Utility Optimization Services

Smarter Water and Sewer Solutions

SWLA can help you make the most of your water or sewer utility without losing revenue.

Water and sewer utilities not only provide necessary services to their users, but they also represent a significant portion of any utilities’ assets. Maintaining properly functioning and reliable systems allows utilities to ensure financial goals are being met, while also protecting the environment and providing redundancy throughout the system. Improperly functioning and/or poorly maintained systems experience ongoing reliability issues and require continual increases in manpower and equipment costs. They can cost more to operate and are at risk of health and associated concerns.

Along with our partners, SWLA can help you to assess, plan, upgrade, and optimize a more reliable water or sewer utility to minimize your risk and increase revenue.

Water Department Solutions

AMR / AMI Design & Installation

Meter reading is labor intensive, has inherent risks, unnecessary errors, and costs you money

  • On time accurate reads and billings
  • More efficient operation with much less risk
  • Saves you money in manpower and repairs

System Efficiency

What is your actual water loss %?
How much is your revenue loss?

  • Analysis to determine loss %
  • Calculate potential revenue impact ($)
  • Plan with you how to remediate

System Water Balancing

  • Monitoring and controlling water pressure
  • Submetering of distribution network
  • Water loss area identification and remediation

Leak Detection

  • Ultrasonic leak detection
  • Efficient and fast identification of leaks
  • Reduction in crew time and expense

Large Meter Optimization & Revenue Enhancement

  • Field testing to ensure meter accuracy is maintained
  • On-going meter maintenance responsibility
  • Off-load responsibility w/revenue sharing on the revenue increases

Account Billing Analysis

Missing accounts? Accounts on correct rates? Zero-reads?

Let SWLA help you calibrate and maximize your revenue stream.

Sewer Department Solutions

Septic to Sewer Conversions

  • Health and Ecological Risk Mitigation
  • Environmental Improvements
  • Positive Public Message
  • Cooperative Endeavour for Turnkey Solution

Inflow & Infiltration ( I&I )

What is your I&I %?
How much is your I&I costing you ($)?
Effluent – Ecological – EPA Fine Risk

  • Perform I&I field surveys and inspections to identify I&I sources
  • Subcontract for I&I remediation at your request
  • Decrease operational costs / risk mitigation
  • Environmental Improvements

Stormwater Solutions

Monitoring & Control

  • Evaluate current information systems
  • Monitoring / information to make informed decisions
  • Information for predictive benefit
  • Control design and implementation, if desired

Alerts & Notification

  • Public awareness and customer alerting
  • Crew dispatch for problem areas – drains, etc.

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